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Viy (with Lars Henriks)

June 15th, 2021

Lars Henriks, filmmaker and host of the Mysterium Pictorum podcast, joins us to explore the first and possibly only horror film made in Russia during the Soviet era: Viy (1967). It's a retelling of Nikolai Gogal's classic but probably fake folktale, which also inspired Mario Bava's Black Sunday (1960) and a recent Russian-Chinese CGI-fest that has a sequel starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. No, we're not making that up – Google it! It tells the tale of a feckless seminary student who is called to hold a vigil over the body of a young girl for three nights, during with increasingly terrifying, coffin-surfing things occur to test his faith. Is it a relatively undiscovered jewel of spooky Soviet cinema or an unfathomable unorthodox oddity? Find out!

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